Sunday, April 28, 2013

Camp Cooking #7: Pineapple Up-side-down Cake on the Grill

Ok, I shouldn't share this one with you.  For the love of clothes you already have that fit, you shouldn't make this one.  It's ridiculously good.  I mean, finger-lickin' good.   "Hey RDB, look at that over there!" (so I can steal your piece) kinda good.

You've been warned.

Gather your ingredients (if you dare):

1 slice of Angel Food Cake per Person
2 pineapples slices
2 Maraschino Cherries
Brown Sugar
Butter (easy to spread stuff - NOT margarine!)
Heavy duty foil, spoon, butter knife, tongs
Start out by tearing off a large sheet of foil - you want this to be big enough that you can wrap it around the finished cake, and seal it before you put it on the grill. So, the larger your slices of cake, the larger your foil needs to be.  You're then going to butter and brown sugar the center, where your cake 'stack' is going to be created.
Next up, lay down two pineapple slices.  Kinda measure out how wide your cake slice is, you want to make sure the pineapples cover, but don't hang over.  In essence, you're building the cake stack up-side-down. 
Um, yeah, isn't that why they call it up-side-down cake?
And then, more brown sugar.  Trust me, you can't go wrong with brown sug-ah.
Then, add two cherries - in the center of each pineapple ring.....

Take a moment here - enjoy that last photo.  In fact, let's get a little closer....
Mmmmmm, I could lick the screen right now.
Oh yes, back to cooking.  Top the very delicious looking cherries-pineapple-brown sugar stack with one slice of your angel food cake - but wait!!  Before you put that piece down, butter both sides.  Not a heavy coating, just enough so that it won't stick when you place the foil over top.
Almost makes me sad to have covered up that beautiful fruit stack.  But, cover we will.  Fold in your foil so that your stack is tucked in nicely for it's trip to the grill.  Use medium heat (again, we use a gas grill - you're on your own if you want to shove these beauties in the fire). We let them grill for about 15 minutes (or until you can hear the sugar starting to bubble out of the foil and onto the grates.  BTW - grill them fruit side down - just like you'd bake them in the oven back home.
Now for the fun part. Remove these from the grill using tongs - they will be HOT! - let them cool for a few moments (until you can touch the foil without burning yourself.  Unwrap them, and the stack is still up-side-down.  Use your mad-ninja skills to invert them onto a waiting plate, and voila!!
Warm, delicious, gooey, sugary, sweet wonderful cake. 
I flipped RDB's over first, then took a moment to flip mine,
reached for my camera to take a photo, and...
Hey SJG, what's that over there?!
I told you they were good.

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