Tuesday, April 23, 2013

./` Moving to the Country.... ./`

...gonna do a lotta campin'!

I'm sitting at the kitchen table and Diesel keeps bumping my leg with his nose.  Bump.  Bump  Bumpbump.  He's still wearing his camping collar from this past weekend... I can't help but wonder if the bumps are his way of saying: Let's go! Let's go! Let'sgo-let'sgo-let'sgo camping again!

Ok, so it's really me saying, Let's go!  But I can't help it - we have just too much fun when we go out to the Country.

Saturday morning started off right - with a big breakfast of blueberry pancakes, sausage, eggs and toast.  I 'cheated' this time an brought along my toaster from home - we learned last time we were up here with Dad and Bunny, that the oven in their camper does *not* do toast very well.  And with four of us (and two more coming) I knew I'd want an easier way to cook.  Diesel enjoyed a little treat from Grandma - as soon as we go there, she handed him a big rawhide bone... I think he was pretty much in Heaven after that!
nom nom nom

Two of Bunny and Dad's long time friends, B&G,  planned to come down this weekend as well.  They arrived late morning on Saturday and set up the Tent-mahal.  No kidding, you could be 6'5" and stand up without hitting your head in this tent (I should've taken a picture.)  They also brought along Churchill and Ivan - two very adorable, and grumpy, English bulldogs.

From left to right: B, G, Ivan, and Churchill

We were curious how Diesel would react to having two other unknown dogs around, but we soon realized we had no reason to worry - he did exceptionally well.  I'm not sure we've ever heard him so vocal, though - he was talking all kinds of smack to Churchill when he would get too close to Bunny.  Kinda neat to see the protective side of Diesel for his extended pack.  And of course, when Churchill decided he wanted to commandeer Diesel's Grandma-given bone....

The weather was absolutely beautiful.  Perfect for hanging up my new hammock and enjoying a lazy afternoon.  In fact, I think we all enjoyed that hammock.

Did I do that?
So, I mentioned our two visiting bulldog boys were grumpy.  And that might have been an understatement.  Ivan was not at all happy to be outside, out of the A/C, with the bugs, in the warmth, with Churchill... so he pretty much growled the entire evening.  And there were a few times that he and Churchill would go at each other (Diesel, of course, circling around the fight, whining, not sure what to do but certain he didn't want to get in the middle of it)  Each time D and G would break up the scuffle, take their respective dog, and things would calm back down.  Unfortunately, the last tussle of the evening did something to damage Ivan's back leg - he refused to walk afterward.  D&G packed up and left early Sunday morning (before any of the rest of us woke up) to take Ivan back home.  We were sad the trip ended that way for them.
The rest of Sunday was again, absolutely beautiful.  RDB and I packed up very lazily over the course of the morning, and he and Diesel took off for home shortly thereafter.  I  had the good fortune of having Monday meetings in Tyler, so I got to stay behind and spend a bit more time with Dad and Bunny.  It's not often that I get uninterrupted one-on-one time with Dad, so I was thrilled to be able to sit at the picnic table and just chat.  All to soon, though, they were packing up too, and I was heading to my home-tel for the night.
It won't be long till we're back camping again, Diesel.  In fact, we're going out again in just 3 more days.  One last quick photo, speaking of Diesel-- ever seen a dog do this?
Yep, that's our random Dobie.
For more camping photos, go here.

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