Sunday, April 28, 2013

./` Rain, Rain at La Grange ./`

Go back and read the title again... only this time, sing it to the tune of "Home, Home on the Range."

Go on, do it.. dooooo it!

There, that's how it was intended.  :-)  Now, shall we continue?

./`./`./` Rain, rain at La Grange!          
Where the eggs turn out looking strange.

./`./`./` Where books will be read...

While RDB rests his head, ./`./`./`

./`./`./` And the skies will stay cloudy all day! ./`./`./`

We went camping this weekend with the South East Texas Pop-up Camper's Club at Oak Thicket Park in La Grange, TX.  The park sits on the edge of Lake Fayette, which is the cooling reservoir for the nearby power plant (seen in the photo above).  It was great to meet back up with some of the families we met back at the Brazos Bend camp out at the beginning of the year.  Once again, the food at the potluck was outstanding!  (Whoever made that triple layer German chocolate coconut cake that was light as air - we LOVE you!) Unfortunately, though - it rained.  And rained. And rained. And rained. And no, I did not get a picture of the rain.  I didn't get many pictures at all, since we spent the majority of our trip in the camper.  On a positive note: we finally got to use the deck of cards I packed.  Go-Fish can be quiet a competitive game, thank-you-very-much!  On a negative note: one must remember to put the awning at an angle so the rain can run off, instead of pool on top.... and again, no, I did not get a picture of that, either. Thank-you-very-much.
If you're curious about the strangely pink eggs - no, it's not caused by the after-effects of being near a power plant.  I got beets in my Green Box this week and went searching for a recipe to use them.  I came across a recipe for Pennsylvania Dutch Eggs, and thought, why not? They look odd, but boy, do they taste good!

We did get a few minutes without rain - and enjoyed a bit of time outside.  I'm studying for classes relating to work right now, and so had to devote a bit of the weekend to my 4-inch-thick textbook.  Blah.  But Diesel made sure I wasn't studying too hard.

We caught glimpses of what will probably be the last few bluebonnets of the season going for a walk with Diesel.  The wildflowers this year have just been tremendous - lining the roads on the way out and back on all these trips we're taking.  It's one of the reasons we both love driving as much as we do. Ok, so one of the reasons why I love driving.  Can't speak for RDB on that one!

It rained most of the night - once we got back from the potluck we spent a few minutes on our 'front porch' but quickly turned in.  I guess one of the downsides to camping so much is that eventually you'll have to deal with rain.  Of course, the company you keep, and the attitude you have, make a huge difference on how you'll fare when it does rain.  I sure love having RDB as my camping buddy.

But if you're ever stuck with a day that's gray and lonely, just stick out your chin and grin and say:
*cue music*

./`./`./` The sun'll come out, tomorrow!
Bet your bottom dollar that tomrrow -
There'll be sun!! ./`./`./`
./`./`./` Just thinking about tomorrow
Clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow,
Till there's none!! ./`./`./`

./`./`./` Tomorrow! Tomorrow, I love ya, Tomorrow!
You're only a daaaaaay aaaaaaaa-way! ./`./`./`

For more camping photos, and no singing, I promise, go here.

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